Krčić and Krka Rivers

Magnificent Krcic river

It rises at the foot of the highest mountain top in Croatia, and then, after 10.5 km of the flow, it flows into a source of the River Krka. This is a unique case in the world. This waterfall belongs to those miracles of nature that people are always admiring and searching hidden meanings in them.

Magical Krka river

A magic and enigmatic river exuding meditative calmness all the way to the waterfalls, where calmness turns into breath-taking power.
It is one of the most beautiful and extravagant, but also the most mystic European rivers. Even today its spring has remained unknown, as well as its estuary, but it has been known that its lakes have not really been lakes. Its most beautiful ornaments – the waterfalls- are not just physical obstacles in the water flow, but living beings that are born, grow and die. River Krka is formed by the confluence of two rivers and five tributaries. The river has series of 7 waterfalls and 11 lakes formed along the way, it’s largely unchanged region of exceptional and multifaceted natural value and includes several preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. Large number of species of fish making Krka a natural landmark of highest category and also abundance of species of birds make it among the ornithologically most valuable regions in Europe.