Dinara Mountain

The highest Croatian peak

It is difficult not to fall in love with the primordial power of Dinara, its color, and its secrecy. The term Dinara actually means three geographic terms: the Dinarides, Dinara Mountain, and Dinara as the highest mountaintop of Croatia.
The Dinarides is a mountain chain which stretches along the entire Adriatic coast, while the mountain Dinara itself makes the natural border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also diversifies two climatic areas – the Mediterranean and continental.
When they hear the name Dinara, the inhabitants of Knin think of the part rises to 1831 meters high peak, the 20 km long and 10 kilometers wide massif which ends with the Krcic waterfall on the side of Knin, and, on the opposite side, equally incredible, deep and strong springs of the nearby Cetina river, which are 2080 meters deep in Cave of the Lord, at the end of the underwater lake. Dinara is uninhabited, and one of its spectacular features is the longest rock in Croatia, no less than six kilometers long.