Hunting and fishing

The wilderness

Additional activities that Knin offers to the visitors are hunting and fishing.
Fishing is in the jurisdiction of the very active Sports Fishermen Association Krka, which spawns the Knin waters, takes care of the watercourses, creates the tourist offer and organizes competitions, even on the international level. The ordinary trout is being fished on the rivers Krka, Zrmanja, Butiznica with the Accumulation in Golubic, Kosovcica and Orasnica. In the river Krka, one may also fish the endemic soft trout, while Sarena jezera (Spotted Lakes) and Burnum Lakes abound in carp, amur, lynx, pike, and trout.

Knin has a long and rich tradition of hunting.

The Hunting Association Dinara has existed for more than 100 years and it manages the area of about 500 km² of different configurations, ranging from the fields of 200m above the sea level to the mountain at 1831m above the sea level. The hunting grounds are inhabited by the wild boar, fox, wolf and wild cat, and occasionally bear and bonfire, then with partridge and duck, and seasonally with snipe and quail. For hunting tourism in the area of Knin, you need to contact the activists of the Hunting Association.