Sightseeing on two wheels

The area of Knin is becoming an indispensable route for cyclists, whether for recreation or professional training. They can choose between road and macadam paths. Whether they will ride along the rivers Krka and Krcic to the spring of River Cetina, or they will choose family paths for a peaceful ride or a path that guarantees adrenaline experience, depends only on them. Driving through the canyon of River Krcic, cyclists may enjoy one of the least polluted watercourses in Europe, but also fascinating geological shapes which make the canyon one of the most beautiful Croatian landscapes.

In addition to the canyons, cyclists will also meet with the amazing springs of the rivers Cetina and Krka, the Krcic waterfall, the mystical and mighty Dinara and the ancient Knin Fortress.

Numerous races, both competitive and recreational, run through the beautiful landscape. of Knin. The cyclists may ask for licensed bike guides and additional services available at the local bike club Adrion Oros.